Thursday, 27 February 2014

Neon Lights!

I was recently told by Natalia Tena on twitter that Rivers of London was part of the inspiration behind one of the songs on Molotov Jukebox's upcoming album. It's always flattering when your own work inspires other artists - it's even more flattering when the result is as good as this song is.

So it gives me great pleasure to present to you - Neon Lights by Molotov Jukebox.


niskymom2four said...

Haunting. Thanks for sharing...and for inspiring its creation.

Rachel Green said...

I loved that. Thanks.

Mark Foreman said...

Neon nights, cool one yet from molotov jukebox.
I hope a big British film version of Streets of London (series) is on the cards...done in a Sherlock Holmes (1st film), Peeky Blinders kind of way...pure class

Roberts Tracy said...

The neon lights seem to be real impressing with the perfect set of effects that seem to glow in the dark vinyl.