Friday, 5 July 2013

Launch Events

On the 25th of July I shall be seeking to flog as many copies of Broken Homes as is humanly possible. To this end the 25th will mark the start of a three day jamboree of concentrated self promotion.

Thursday the 25th
- in Nostalgia as we kick off the 25th of July at Covent Garden Waterstones where the whole Rivers of London thing started off. For it was at this very location that I, a humble bookherd, was given the sacred task of writing a novel.
Lunchtime Signing
Thursday, 25 July 2013, 12:30PM
Join us for a lunchtime signing of Ben Aaronovitch’s magnificent new novel, the latest from the series featuring DC Peter Grant, and his brilliant policing team, who are keeping London safe from the supernatural. Indulge in cake and prosecco, and there will be copies of an exciting limited edition of Broken Homes, which includes a short story set in the Covent Garden branch of Waterstones. Further details: 020 7836 6757

- in the radiant glory that is Kobna Holdbrook-Smith who will be reading extracts (with all the correct accents). Then we shall asking each other probing questions such as... so how much did you enjoy reading my book out loud? Fortunately members of the public will be allowed slightly more interesting questions.
An evening with Kobna Holdbrook-Smith & Ben Aaronovitch
Thursday, 25 July 2013, 6:30PM
Tickets £5/£3 Waterstones Cardholders available in store, via 02078512400/ 02078512419 or
Kobna, who reads the DC Peter Grant audio books will be in conversation with Ben and giving an exclusive reading from Broken Homes, before an audience Q&A and book signing. Further details: 02078512419

 Friday the 26th
- your guilt at missing the last two events by arriving at the historic Leadenhall branch of Waterstones where, by tradition, every single member of staff must belong to a secret society (which particular secret society is irrelevant).
In Store Signing
Friday, 26 July 2013, 12:30PM
Ben Aaronovitch will be in store signing copies of his new book ‘Broken Homes,’ the fourth book in his fantastic Rivers of London series. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment. If you cannot attend the event and would like to reserve a signed copy, please phone the store. Reservations may be limited and dedications cannot be guaranteed. Further details: 0207 220 7882

- a trip into the Forbidden Zone and dscend into the bowels of London's premiere Science Fiction book shop Forbidden Planet.
Forbidden Planet London Megastore
179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR
Friday 26th July 6 – 7pm.

Saturday the 27th

- at the number of posh people who swear blind that they always loved Doctor Who as we go slumming at the BFI for...
Which is sold out but...
Afterwards I will be signing books at the BFI bookshop...


Donlan Atmitedu said...

days like this I really wish I lived in London

Neil Peck said...

And I will be seeing you at Waterstones Piccadilly

Unknown said...

it is strange, this saturday (19th) i was in a bookstore in the hague, netherlands and the hardback version was in there on the shelve

amazon has the same version plus kindle for the 25th

audible though no sign of the audioversion

Sue Kofi said...

Err, I've ordered Broken Homes for my Kobo e-reader. Don't suppose you'll be able to sign that :-(

Anonymous said...

And I will be seeing you at Waterstones Covent Garden. Book already purchased, cake has been promised.

The Author said...

I may not be able to make these locations, so how would you prefer I buy the book?

Google Books (how I found you originally and how I purchased the first three)

Amazon Kindle or paperback

Or hardcover from Waterstones?

Or an independent in Wandsworth or Stratford?

The Author said...

Hmm. Having now seen my post come up, I would like it known I had forgotten that I had a Google Blog account and that the username of that blog was "The Author". No intention to be funny or to decieve intended!

Maryann said...

Oh dear, I'm usually happy at home but today I wish I lived in London. Hope all your events are great successes!

Unknown said...

wish i was there congrats!!!

i had to cheat a bit to get a audioversion but he all is fair in love war and good books right?

now, i would say have a great evening and well start writing part 5 tomorrow.