Thursday, 3 January 2013

Signing in Edinburrrrrrgh! 10th January 6:00 PM

I shall be heading north to Edinburgh to sign books and meet people next week.

Me... Ben Aaronovitch writing person...

Waterstones Edinburgh West
Waterstones Edinburgh,
128 Princes Street,

The 10th of January at 6:00 PM
Tickets are free and available from here.

Because I've never been to Edinburgh.

Don't worry  Glasgow - it's only a matter of time.


Dave said...

Ben: My wife and I love all of the Peter Grant books; in fact, the last time we were in London, she made us go to Russell Square to try to figure out exactly which building was "The Folly" (and we've chosen a candidate!)
Are you familiar with John Scalzi? If not, he's an American SF writer (who happens to be the current president of the SF Writers of America), with a blog (at where he occasionally offers authors the opportunity to present their latest work to a new group of readers (he calls this "The Big Idea" section of his blog. I think your books are a fine fit for much of his readership, and you could do much worse than to check his blog out and submit "Broken Homes" (and thus, the whole series) for consideration.

Dan Lentell said...

Totally Gutted! I'm on the 18:40 to AMS and will MISS the signing. Ben, ROL is the most inventive British writing since Douglas Adams and I am soooo sorry I won't be able to say so personally and thank you properly. I hope you enjoy the city. The Scot Monument on Princes Street has great views if you don't mind heights. Best Wishes, Dan

Anonymous said...

How did it go then?

Karin Gibson said...

I bet it was chilly especially around the Scott memorial.!,,,.