Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Currently Reading: A Crown of Lights

A Crown of Lights
By Phil Rickman
'This receptacle was found in the wall beside the fireplace. It has been suggested you may wish to restore it to its proper place.'

When a redundant church is bought by a young pagan couple, the local fundamentalist minister reacts with fury. In an isolated community on the Welsh border, a modern witch hunt begins. Diocesan exorcist Merrily Watkins is expected to keep the lid on the cauldron... but what she finds out will seriously test her beliefs.

Also, there's the problem of the country solicitor who won't be parted from his dead wife. The mystery of five ancient churches all dedicated to St Michael, slayer of dragons.

And a killer with an old tradition to guard...

 I really like these books. I particularly like the way the heroine careens through her life like the a ball in a game of pinball.


Annie Demosthenous said...

I just finished this. Absolutely loved it! And happily, there are several Merrily Watkins novels to keep me busy while I wait for more news of Peter Grant :)

olracUK said...

Not to be pushy, but shouldn't our favourite police procedural/magical author be writing books not reading so many? ;)

Mord Fiddle said...

Pagan? There are 'pagans' in this book?

Well, that's rather a imprecise, not to mention pejorative, term.

I mean, are they Roman or Greek polytheistic pagans? Perhaps they're Nordic polytheistic pagans, German tree worshiping pagans or English druid pagans. Of course they might be a couple of Buddhist or Shinto pagans.

Oi, somebody call the theological word police!