Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Les Rivières de Londres - On Sale Today

The three of you who read this blog have probably noticed a French theme creeping in the last couple of weeks. This is not a coincidence. Because Les Rivières de Londres, which means Rivers of London in your actual French, is now available to buy in all good Francophone book shops.

I'd like to thank my editor at J'ai Lu, Thibaud Eliroff and the translator Benoît Domis for giving me this opportunity to inflict my work on an unsuspecting nation.

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pbristow said...

In *my* actual French? I don't think I have an *actual* French. I'm pretty sure it's a fake plastic one... You know, like the Awful Tower.

(I gave up learning it once I found out the Target Doctor Who books weren't being published in French, and therefore being able to read the language was pointless.)