Monday, 7 November 2011

Being the Chosen One is Grimm

Grimm, read the script for the pilot and didn't like it. Was given a preview of Episodes 1 and 2 and... It could go either way but why?

Grimm suffers from excessive destiny syndrome. Life Buffy Summers our hero is the Chosen One, of the pure and wondrous bloodline of the Brothers Grimm who can see the monsters for what they really are etc etc. If Grimm stood magnificantly alone this wouldn't be a problem but since we are drowning in people with inate powers who have been chosen by fate to... whatever it is they are chosen to do it comes across as a tad stale. He has a black best friend as well, wouldn't it be nice if the black guy has the special powers for a change but that's a whole different rant.

So why am I planning to watch this series when it finally washes up in the UK as part of some package that Channel 5 bought in order to get something they really wanted?

Below this point are spoilers - read no further...........................

Because there's a reformed big bad wolf living in his town who has all the best lines, all the best scenes and is, in fact, a much better character than our hero, his black best friend and his wafer thin girlfriend.

The bit where he rips the guys arm off and stares at it as if deciding whether to eat it or drop it was worth wading through the hero angst that permeates the rest of the story. I suspect that over the course of the season it will turn into a buddy series between the two...

He's a cop with secret family history and second sight, he's a big bad wolf trying to go straight, together they fight crime.

If I was the black best friend I'd start looking for a new job.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit so far I've been like "please don't kill the partner, please don't kill the partner."

I suspect the girlfriend may herself not be human. I'm kind of hoping that's the case because otherwise she's oddly disaffected.

Leslie said...

Heh, I have a friend who feels the same way about the wolf. Grimm will have to follow in Captain Kirk's footsteps, and make sure he becomes Spock's, er, the wolf's, bestest friend.

Security word: upgoo

JaneGael said...

My sister and I watch it for Monroe. All the best lines, best scenes - steals any scene he's in even if he's not the main...yeah he's da Blutbad.

It's been picked up for a full season so we're looking for a lot more great lines and not-so-great scripts. Sigh.