Wednesday, 3 December 2008

And now......

The new Blake's 7 website is up and can be found at Since I will be contributing a blog to that site as well it means I have a brand new excuse for not posting here. I know the three of you will be thrilled.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha!!

We read with interest.

( Ordered the DVD by the way!!)

Anonymous said...


Can you please do a blog on writing, you know: any tips???


Your 2nd reader

Pitrone said...


I have been looking for your blog for the past 10 years. No fooling, ever since I read Remembrance of the Daleks I have been intrigued by your writing. After I finished Transit I was hooked. Since then I have always recommended you to non-sci fi people as the go-to-guy for intelligent genre fiction. I was trying to describe how impressive you are to my wife yesterday and on a whim re-googled your name, which I do every year or so. Saints be praised, there you were. I am incredibly stoked to see that you blog and I am reading every previous entry. You can now, officially, address everything to, "The Three of You."

Very Respectfully Yours,
HM3 Owen Pitrone