Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Furthest Station - UK Release

Coming September 21st

From Gollancz Books
Audio (in all the usual ways)
eBook (and all the usual formats)

Opening Paragraph(1)
Jaget said he’d been watching this documentary on TV about the way people learn to track animals.

‘Not white people, right?’ he said. ‘Like people that grow up in the bush.’

In this case !Xun people from Southern Africa, only Jaget couldn’t do the click sound until I taught him. I can only do it because I once harboured romantic dreams of emigrating to South Africa and had got someone to teach me. Since I hadn’t practised in ten years it probably meant we were both doing it wrong. We got some from funny looks from our fellow passengers – possibly because we were both in full uniform. 

(1) Yes yes I know strictly speaking not a paragraph ok? Do you want to read this or not?


Simon White said...

In September? Here I go wishing more of my life away

Tony Mills said...


Scott Griffith said...

A misplaced "from" in the sample there I think. I look forward to reading it.

Rachel Green said...

Brilliant. Extra 'from' notwithstanding.

Lattemama said...

"(1) Yes yes I know strictly speaking not a paragraph ok? Do you want to read this or not?"

Yes, I very much do!

John Porter said...

The word has been spread... the excitement is building :-)

elisabethflaum said...

Yes please! :)

catsmeow said...

I finally got, and rwead, The Hanging Tree (loved it) and wondered how long I would have to wait for the next.
At least now I know I have something to really look forward to!

Kerry Wear said...

Absolutely. Always love a Peter Grant story. :-D

Harlequin said...

To echo Tony Mills, Yay!

Harlequin said...

And it was only after posting a reference to this announcement on Facebook that I noticed Toby on the cover near the end of the Station.

Trevor Wills said...

Hi Ben,

this is Trevor, you may remember me from the Newport book festival and the book signing in Birmingham last November (I'm the one with 4 copies of everything, that you so graciously signed at the end).

Couple of quick questions. Why is it the new book is released in the US in June and not until September in the UK??

Also, will there be the same limited editions for the UK Publications, if so how much, and when can they be pre ordered?
Can I place my order for the very limited and very special edition now?? please please!!

Hope all is well

Joe said...

"Any sufficiently advanced technology will be indistinguishable from magic."
When ever Grant or Nightingale are aske about aliens, they answer,"Not yet.". Here's an idea, they encounter ETs who not only use
tech far in advance of ours, but also are practitioners. That would be fascinating.


Sina said...

Hope this isn't the last one we will get to enjoy

Sina said...

'Furthest' as in...last? I sure hope not :0

doug whiddon said...

Amazon has the US hardback release 4 months earlier. isnt it usually the other way around?

Emily Rose said...

I hope the US audio release is not far behind! Holdbrook-Smith is splendid and matches your work with exceptional excellence. I am excitedly looking forward to another installment. Love the increased presence of Galeed (don't know how to spell this since I'm an audiobook "reader") in the last book, she's lovely.
Please say "hi" to Toby for me.

Kyle Braucher said...

This feels like something Peter Grant might end up doing because of some Loci's fever-dreamed whim:


Caroline Hardman said...

Haha I bet Kobna's going to enjoy that pronunciation... Can't wait - Grant's London is my happy place - Second only to Discworld :)

swoopette said...

I can't wait. No way I can live in a world without vestigia and goddesses.
Hurry up and write!

Jane said...

Definitely September, or "Septemberish"? I had my Audible version of The Hanging Tree delayed at least twice, which did nothing for my temper.

Also, please take extremely good care of your health, Mr Aaronovitch. My favourite authors, in no particular order, are you, Terry Pratchett and Iain Banks... Just saying.