Tuesday, 10 July 2012

In Germany

I am in Germany where the keys are located in different places on the keyboard than I'm used to.

I have no email here but this terminal is just accross from the hotel so I will check comments.

Coffee is verz good here and people v.friendy  if only I could stop trying to talk to them in French.


pbristow said...

Oh jah. You hit "W" and it comes out as "V"; hit "V" and it comes out as "F"... And when you get back home, the neu habit ist hard to break, so the same changes happen again, backwards. It's wery vrustrating! =:o}

Tom Schmidt said...

Aw come on... it's really only the "Z" and "Y" and punctuation and stuff... But thanks for not trying to talk to us in French... I mean, you manage quite well with words like "Panzerkampfwagen" *smile*