Tuesday, 10 July 2007

In case you wondered....

A friend has pointed out that people reading this blog wouldn't be able to divine what it is I do for a living. I pointed out that I didn't have any evidence that anyone read my blog and so the point was moot. However on the off chance there are people actually reading this blog, such as it is, and on the off-off chance that they have some disposable cash and are up for it I will put a list of my work, such as that is, under the profile.

Oh, I'm a writer.

Glad we've had a chance to have this little chat.


Rob Stickler said...

Hi Ben,

I read your blog.

When are you going to write for Who again?

Love the audio 'Blakes' 7' by the way.



Ben Aaronovitch said...

As soon as they ask me to.